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The keys to a successful business

Remente provides the organization with a digital platform to improve company performance, engagement and results, while employees get the tools and insights to influence their productivity and wellbeing, on and off work.

Work-life BalanceA Holistic Approach

Coach every employee with action based courses and goal plans in healthy living, personal & professional leadership, and add your own custom content.

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People AnalyticsMake Informed Decisions

Know the status of your organization by monitoring eNPS, health & psycho-social work environment in real-time.

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Drive PerformancePersonal Leadership

Set individual, team-based, and organizational goals. Make goals actionable by connecting them to daily routines and behaviors.

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Work-life Balance

A Holistic Approach

Tested on over 1 million users globally, Remente’s digital platform combines science with a holistic approach to helping employees manage their lives, at home and at work. Based on organizational insights, Remente provides every employee with courses, suggestions, goal plans and tools for wellbeing and performance from our library of 120+ resources.

From Intent to Impact

One of the major challenges of learning & development efforts is its focus on insight rather than implementation and impact. Our action-based learning system provides insights that trigger intent which converts to impact, as our system uniquely connects learning with goals, day plans and notifications to help the user turn insights to actions. You can even add your own custom content. Beautifully packaged and top rated by users around the world, available 24/7 through a smartphone, computer or tablet.

People Analytics

Make Informed Decisions

Collect continuous feedback from your organization by measuring psycho-social work environment, engagement and eNPS in real time with a minimum set of questions. Monitor and filter results to get actionable insights on where your organization is right now and where it is heading.

Turn Insight to Action

To avoid survey fatigue, follow our process to quickly turn employee feedback into action and support the organisation in the process. Use Remente’s toolbox of resources and goal setting to shorten the time from survey to analysis and action.

Goals & Habits

Personal Leadership

Put your staff in the driver’s seat of their lives by letting Remente’s personal leadership system connect long term goals with daily tasks and habits. Drive performance and healthy behavior with corporate and personal goal setting that easily can be applied to daily life. Let the organization cascade, share and delegate goals. By having a clear direction and following healthy habits, performance will improve and stress go down.

Based On The Brain And Our Behavior

The goal and habit building process Remente uses is built on how the brain works and performs. The team behind Remente has +30 years experience from psychology, mental training and how to train the brain. By working with the brain instead of against it, you can improve both performance and wellbeing, and we will guide you to how.

Enterprise Software That Users Actually Love

Yet another B2B SaaS solution that looks good in theory but no one wants to use, you might think... Well, before we launched our B2B product, we decided to test it with people from all over the world, to create a product that helps them in their life, and that they actually want to use. Why shouldn’t business apps be as beautiful, fun and engaging as consumer apps? With Remente, you get a consumer app experience with powerful business features. Here’s what some of our users say:

I’m loving this app! It has so many helpful tools to help me with my daily and long term goals.

Very useful for goal setting, breaking down tasks and assessing life balance, mood, and reading strategies!

Amazing! I’m am so grateful to have found this app. This morning I was severely depressed and stressed and this app helped me turn around...

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